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Pipeline Soccer Club 2008 Boys Gold competed in the Amanda Post March 2017 soccer tournament. The results were less than spectacular, one win two losses. But the win-loss does not reflect the growth in the boy’s technical skills or understanding of team play.

The first opponent was the weather. We’ve had many unusually warm days this winter but Mother Nature decided to toss us freezing temperatures for the tournament. The first day was barely at or above freezing when the first game was played. She threw in a nice breeze at no cost. The second day was colder but with less breeze.

The team composition changed from the last fall tournament. The lead scorer from fall season moved up and we picked up a new player. We had one player missing because of illness the first day and two the second day. This affected player assignments and subbing rotations. The boys adjusted quickly and played aggressively.

The larger pitch, larger than used for the indoor season, allowed the boys to showcase their growth in skill and understanding of positional play.  The two games we lost were hard fought with our defense and goalkeepers stopping more scoring attempts than they allowed. Unfortunately, more scores than we made. The defense continued their fine play and the offense found the goal for the win in the other game.

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Several of the boys played as guest players for the 2007 boy’s gold team. These boys played as hard in those games as they did for their team. They were amazing. The stamina and determination to play hard in seven games across the two days they showed were inspirational.

This tournament was a good introduction to the spring season. The boys can be proud of their efforts against the weather and skilled opponents. I know that we as coaches and parents are proud of them.

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