Amanda Post Memorial Tournament 2018

Pipeline 2008 Boy's RedThe Amanda Post Memorial Tournament again marked Pipeline Soccer Club 2008 Boys Red’s spring outdoor season. Last year, I noted the boys won one game and lost two. This year’s result was the same, 1-2.

Weather plays its role

Two days before the tournament, a windstorm hit Maryland and the East Coast. It was called a “bomb cyclone.” There was gust exceeding 60 mph. Saturday, the wind was gusting between 40 and 6o mph.

The high wind created interesting times for the boys. Multiple times on throw-ins, the wind caught the ball and pushed it out again leading to re-throws. The wind rolled balls placed for goal kicks and corner kicks. The wind caught high passes making sending the ball to teammates challenging.

Pipeline Amanda Post Memorial

Pipeline boy’s 2008 Red team has eleven boys on the roster. Only nine were available for this tournament. This created rotation challenges putting boys into roles they rarely play. The boys accepted the rotation and showed their understanding of team play and the relationship of roles.

Saturday’s Games

The boys lost the first two games. They started slowly in the first game and fell behind 1-2 in the first half. They scored once in the second half while allowing one more. The final score was SAC United Gold 1-3.

It was warmer for the second game with the temperature nearing 45 degrees and the wind dropping a few miles per hour. The boys took time to get playing up to their potential. They fell behind 0-4 at half time. The coach provided encouragement during the break which sparked the boys to a 4-2 second half performance. The final against Tri County 08 Torpedos was 4-6.

Sunday’s Game

Sunday’s game was the consolation game. The temperature was again in the 30’s and winds only gusting to 25 mph. The boys scored first and often. The final score for the game against SAC Select Hammerheads was 7-1.

Coaches, boys, and parents had hoped for a better result. The boys expressed feelings that the extreme cold and wind had affected their play in the first two games during a post tournament meeting. They accepted they could have played better, highlighted by the play in the second half of game two.

The next challenge for the team is a tournament the weekend of March 17th. Wish us luck using the comment form.

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