Writer’s block, when it strikes

Writer's block

Writer’s block, the bane of every writer *so I have read* struck. All day, off and on, I struggled to find a topic for this week’s blog.

I considered an update to Kiliane’s Rage. I am working the revision with the goal to send it to beta readers in July. The problem with that topic is I did an update recently and not enough is going on in the novel to warrant another post at this time.

Another possibility was to tell everyone that yesterday my oldest granddaughter, who plays soccer for Pipeline Soccer Club, tried out for a summer program called “Super Y”. Her father said she did not play with enough energy and might miss selection for the program. Later at dinner, we discussed her performance. He said her effort was comparable to the other young ladies at the tryout. Perhaps she noticed the others and played to their level. At ten years old, it is enough she was at the tryout enjoying herself. There is time enough to get serious.

Pipeline SC 2008 Gold
Our current team +1

I could write about my team. Tomorrow, Brad *my son-in-law* and I will be evaluating two new players at our team’s soccer practice. Really it will be him since I am the assistant. This should be interesting since we are also preparing for the first tournament of the year this coming weekend. Our leading scorer fleeted up to the red team at the end of the fall season. Without him, we had a less than stellar winter indoor season. Looking forward to spring play, we are working hard with the boys to create a scorer. There are talents on the team that could become that scorer.  Regardless, we will do what we do best, concentrate on player development. We like to win but we want the boys to be getting more skillful. Wins will come.

Dang writer’s block. Frustrating not thinking of something to share! Have you ever experienced writer’s block?




    • Dwane

      My daughter’s family have been cycling through something this past week. Since they live next door, we have been exposed and I think I am catching a bug. Really great with the tournament this weekend.
      Hope your family gets better and you can get back in the flow!
      How is scrivener?

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