Labor Day for Those Paid and Unpaid

Labor DayCOVID Labor Day

Here we are celebrating Labor Day during a coronavirus shutdown. A day to honor those who made and are making contributions to the well-being of the country.

At first blush, one thinks of those paid for their labor as the recipients of the honor. It should cause one to blush, for many who contribute to the country’s well-being earn little, if any, salary or hourly pay.

Those who support

They are homemakers—women and men who remain at home caring for children or elderly relatives to allow their life-mate to bring the paycheck. We cannot measure their contribution in dollars and cents, though some have tried. The Washington Post at once estimated their value at over $96,000 a year. Let’s not undervalue those who support by maintaining the home.

The holiday includes those who worked but not working today, whether retired or out-of-work because of the virus or other reasons. I am thankful for all of those who have worked, are working, or support workers. Our country is great because of you.

Another Peeve

Anne Arundel County

You know me. Here is a peeve. I am disappointed in my County Executive. He never follows Maryland’s Governor’s recommendations regarding reopenings. Does he think people less capable of adhering to state guidelines run Anne Arundel County businesses? It appears so.

He should honor country workers on this Labor Day by helping them to get back to work.

I would enjoy hearing how your Labor Day goes. I provide a comment form for your use.

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