RV Excursion with KOA Stops

RVOur RV, recreational vehicle, vacation to Texas ended Friday, 2 August. Two weeks away from home brought a tumultuous welcome from our two Labrador mixes.


This trip was the third we have taken in the thirty-two foot class C. Three of our seven grandchildren joined us on our adventure. We had several goals for this excursion.memorial

Prime was to pay our respects at the gravesites of my wife’s parents and brother. This is something we hope to do annually on their birthdays and parent’s anniversary for as long as our health permits. That their birthdays and the anniversary are in the same week makes it possible with one trip.

Getting to the cemetary by RV meant days driving to cover sixteen hundred miles to and the same home. The television and cd player received extensive use by the passengers as my wife, and I piloted through Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisanna, and finally Texas.

Scott, LA

We stayed at the Lafayette KOA Holiday in Scott, Louisanna on the trip down. Our site was near the lake, and we were treated to a beautiful scene as the sun rose. The kids enjoyed a round of putt-putt at the eighteen hole course in a light drizzle.

After a short visit with relatives in Houston, we traveled on to Sandia. We spent nine days camped next to my wife’s cousin’s house. They once had an RV and still had a working electric hookup and dump site. Electric was critical as the air conditioning was essential when temperatures broke the one hundred degrees heat factor for six of the nine days.

At Sandia and Mathis

The grandchildren were not bored. Sunscreen became their best friend as they spent days swimming in the pool with cousins they hadn’t seen in a year. Their good times continued well into the early morning. Reports of their antics mentioned 1 am, and one occasion 2 am with popcorn or other snacks.

We spent much of the time visiting a great-uncle who lives on Corpus Christi Lake. He is 88 years old. Though in poor health, he and I spent hours talking about many things. He spent time in the Air Force, served in England where he met his wife, and of more adventures.

We were reminded that between last year’s visit and this year’s, three relatives had passed–his wife, my wife’s aunt, and her cousin.

Crossville, TN

The trip back had a stop to visit my uncle and cousin in Alba, Texas. They are in their 80’s and having medical challenges. It was a nice visit, although marred by learning that a cousin, son to my uncle, had passed in January. I left wondering if my wife’s great-uncle, my uncle, or cousin would be here to visit next time.

KOAKOAThe route home differed from that coming down. We went from Texas to Tennessee via Arkansas. It didn’t shorten the route home but provided different scenery for much of the drive. We stopped one night at the Crossville/I-40 KOA. The campground is two-thousand feet above sea level and has many amenities. The young ones enjoyed the game room with pool and table tennis. The next morning found us relishing the outdoor temperature in the seventies. Such a change after the near one-hundreds of the past days.


Welcomed home by our dogs and passing the children to their parents, my wife and I have spent the last two days recovering. Vacations can be very taxing! Yet, we look forward to another and soon.

Did you take a vacation this year? Care to share it using the comment form? Please do, I would love to hear about it.



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