The Freeze comes to Eastern Maryland

winter freeze

The Freeze

Snow, sleet, freezing rain, and freezing temperatures greeted eastern Maryland residents this morning.

 By 10 am, the temperature remained below freezing and snow was sparsely falling, while sleet and freezing rain dominated. Late this afternoon, the cold rain held sway as temperatures moved above freezing.

This wintery mix was the first of the season for us. We had freezing temperatures last Saturday night but without precipitation.

The Pipeline 2007 Girls Black team played but lost a Bethesda Premier Cup tournament game against BUCKINGHAM UNITED BLUE 2007. The game was played under lights in 43-degree weather. The final score was 1-2.

Pipeline 2007 at a tournament

2007 at Bethesda

The temperature early Sunday morning was expected to be 28-degrees. As a result, the tournament directors canceled all games for the 2007 Girls age group.

The decision to cancel the games was fear the grass fields would be frozen.

Everyone, players, coaches, and parents were highly disappointed with this decision. After all, the players, coaches, and parents had suffered what Mother Nature threw at them the night before.

The temperature at game time for Sunday’s games would not have been any more extreme.

Perhaps valid concern, but Pipeline’s coaches were out early Sunday walking dogs and found the ground was not frozen. Also, no sign of ice. Unfortunately, our observations didn’t change the schedule.

The team’s next tournament will be the last weekend of February 2019 in Delaware.

Pipeline 2006 at tournament

The Pipeline 2006 Girls Black team, my granddaughter’s team, plays in the Columbia Fall Classic. The weather forecast for Saturday is clear and in the high 40’s, Sunday some clouds and high 40’s. Good luck, team!

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