Viva Las Vegas

The flight was one of the more interesting ones I have flown in years. We settled in exit row seats to prepare for the five-hour flight. A few moments later, a man in the row behind us called, “April.” She was in the row ahead of us. He inquired if she was ready for her first plane ride.

He was part of a large group making the trip. Others suggested she relax, and not worry about crashing. They related undesirable events that might happen to the flight. None of them seemed to upset April.

-gerry- / Pixabay

April expressed her only concern during the landing phase. As we descended, she noticed water drops coming from around the window. She said the window was leaking. Her seatmate told her not to be concerned. After we landed, the attendant called out April’s first flight, and everyone cheered her.

Gold Coast Casino

Now, we are here and enjoying the life of a transient in a Las Vegas casino. It is not like you see on television or the movies, at least not where we are staying. This casino is rows upon rows of money-taking slot machines and table games. Many have someone before them hoping to win a small fortune. Some dobut most are lucky to break even.

I am here to compete in the tournament. The side benefit is chatting with people I haven’t seen in a year. Among these are the four friends on my team. Each is from a different state. It was nice to catch up with them. I enjoyed “bragging” I am retiring this month.

Military Championship Bowling Tournament

laterjay / Pixabay

The tournament starts tomorrow. I hope to bowl well and win. The caliber of competitors makes it unlikely I will win an event. However, bowling well means scoring as well as I do at home. Winning is succeeding at bowling well.

Time to enjoy some fun offered at the Gold Coast. Wish me well on the lanes and at the slots. Breaking even on them is another way of winning, though that is less likely than winning on the lanes.


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