StoryWorth—What are my favorite movies

the moviesThe question of what are my favorite movies is complex. The question depends on the stage in my life. Let me explain.

I lived my preteen and teen years when it was the in-thing of going to drive-ins. The big screen was nice, but I enjoyed eating candy and popcorn while sitting on the car’s hood. It was strong enough to hold my three siblings and me. My mother, the usual driver, preferred a yard chair over the hood. (LOL)
When the drive-in closed for the winter, we went to the small theater in Washington, Illinois.

I have memories of only one movie from that time. The movie was “The Conqueror,” starring John Wayne as Genghis Khan. I remember being impressed when someone shot John Wayne with an arrow. I marveled at how realistic it looked, sticking from his shoulder. (I imagine my grandkids would laugh at this special effect.)

I regularly spent one weekend day at the theater on Market Street in San Francisco, California. I could take a bus into town round trip for fifty cents. The theater charged twenty-five cents and allowed me to stay through as many movies as I could tolerate in one day. Lunch was often popcorn and candy. These prices fit nicely in a budget, my monthly pay of ninety-three dollars before taxes.
I spent one day enjoying two movies that I remember. The first was “Hawaii,” and the second was “The Sound of Music.” I like almost every Julie Andrews movie.

I am skipping to the recent past, fifty years. I like action movies. The more action, the better. There are too many action movies to list since what would make the list today would be displaced by a new one tomorrow.

The are several series that are particular favorites. Starwars and Startrek rank just below the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. The marvel series has excellent visuals but would be a distant third to me.

So, that is a quick summary. Sorry if my choices conflict with yours, but they are mine. (LOL)

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