Fathers Day—June 19, 2022

Happy Fathers DayI wish the men who have children a Happy Fathers Day today, June 19, 2022. Please.(read here) post from last year to learn about Fathers Day’s history. It also honors my father and father-in-law.

my Dad

My Father Francis Leo Knott

my father-in-law
James Alexander Cameron, Jr

I especially want to thank the men who remain active in their children’s lives. I read an article the other day that said there are 18.5 million children who do not have a man in their lives. I am thankful I had several.

I wrote about my father in another (read here) post relating his influence on my childhood. Now, I would like to mention several uncles who played an important role.

Uncle James Harris, my mother’s brother, rented a room from us. I was five when he moved in. Uncle James worked as a machine operator at Caterpillar and rarely missed a day. I remember how he loved to watch the Friday Night Fights and wrestling. His hobby was gunsmithing. He instilled a respect for guns in me and my siblings.

Uncles Robert and (read related post) Donald Harris also worked at Caterpillar. Uncle Robert lived in Peoria and was a deacon in his church. I remember how much he loved my mom and dad’s cooking. He never missed a holiday dinner or any excuse for Sunday dinner.

Uncle Donald lived for a time on Peach Street, near us in Beverly Manor. My brothers and I played with his sons until they moved across town. It was to far to see them often. Yet, Uncle Don was a regular at the house, spending many hours with Uncle James in his gunshop.

You will notice that I don’t list how they impacted who I am today. Instead, the example they gave daily as god-fearing, hard-working men guided me through my formative years.

I thank God they were in my life.

Men don’t have to be the father to impact who a child becomes. However, being there to set an example, listen when a child wants to talk, and answer questions are all important to a child’s development.

Can you be the man for one of the 18.5 million children who need a man in their life?

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