Bigger is not always Best

Bigger is not always best. Take our experience with getting a car’s window glass replaced.


Six weeks ago, we learned our car’s window was broken, not chipped, shattered. The window was broken while sitting in our driveway. I taped over the window with duck tape to seal it against rain and hold as much of it together as reasonable. The tape and most of the glass was in place when they replaced the window!

Our insurance company referred us to a well-known glass replacement company with many locations nationwide. Their name is unimportant now.


The repair company opened a ticket and told us they would have to order the glass. (Note: the window broken was the left rear quarter panel glass for our 2013 Acadia Denali.) An appointment was scheduled for a week away to allow time to get the window. We avoided driving the car, borrowing one for our errands.

We received a call the day before our appointment that the glass hadn’t arrived. They would continue to search for the window and gave us a date and time a week away. Life went on under Covid-19.


The day of a third appointment arrived, and a call came shortly before the repairman should show to tell us the glass still hadn’t arrived. Third try, and again, no glass.

They told us there was no window for our car in any of their warehouses.  If we could find the window, they would be glad to open another ticket to install it for us.


After nearly four weeks, we were on our own. It was the best thing for us as we found out when we called a smaller local repair company. The agent asked us to give her an hour, but she called back in just minutes, having found the window. The insurance company agreed to let them do the replacement, and it was the next day!

Our car could have been repaired sooner by going local, but our insurance company sent us to their preferred repair company. I started to include stating that next time we will ask to use local companies, but I hope to avoid another time. (I said it anyway!)

As I said at the start, bigger is not always best.

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