An Introduction to Our Cricut

Cricut Maker
Cricut Maker

Are you familiar with Cricut? I wasn’t until this time last year.

Learning Cricut

My wife and the internet educated me about Cricuts after we learned my granddaughter wanted one. I learned it is a multipurpose machine that can duplicate designs in a variety of materials.

My granddaughter received the Cricut Explore Air 2 for Christmas. She found it challenging to use until my wife offered to learn with her. I remember the day they sat with it on our kitchen table. The two, grandmother and granddaughter, watched videos on the internet and puzzled duplicating them. The “yeah” moment finally came.

First Projects

The door opened to customized water bottles, insulated cups, shirts, and window decals. Several stores enjoyed the two shopping for vinyl, cardstock, and shirts, and more for their projects. The Cricut traveled between houses as each found a need for it.

Then one day, I bought my wife a Cricut Maker. We converted the smallest bedroom into her hobby space. We added a large table, a multidrawer rolling cabinet, a Cricut iron, and an embossing machine.

The Manor

Her most ambitious project to date was a Halloween manor made from cardstock. She planned it as a centerpiece on the Monday before Halloween for the Seniors Bowling League. She made cupcakes for the bowlers and the manor sat between the cupcake holders.

Manor w/cupcake

Current & Upcoming Projects

She is working on several projects. Potholders my grandchildren can sell at a fund raiser, Christmas cards and ornaments, and I don’t know what else. Won’t know until I asked if I want to go to Michaels, A.C. Moore, JoAnn, Dollar Store, or another source of materials.

Plain Potholder
Adorned Potholder
Another Adorned Potholder










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