A Bane of Living

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One of the curses of living is watching our family and friends pass from this life. Today I attended a funeral for a friend, a man I have known for nearly thirty years.

Goodbye Friend

During those years, he and I competed against each other in bowling leagues and together in tournaments. My first trip to Las Vegas was to bowl on a team with him in a tournament. He was a great competitor and fought cancer until his body could fight no more. He will be missed by family and friends of all ages.

I listened to the Chaplin extolling his life as related by family. I found interesting he, like me, retired from the military. He continued service to the country working for an intelligence agency. I worked as a contractor for an intelligence service.

We fathered a son and a daughter. We have grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. The correspondence wasn’t lost to me. One day, a chaplin will stand in front of a group of my family and friends and eulogize me.  The details will be similar but personal to me.

Enough melancholy, life is to be enjoyed. I love mine and I am not ready to leave the fun behind. Yes, heaven is waiting, and I desire to make it there one day. But as the song goes, “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to go right now.” I prefer to attend my funeral many years in the future, thank you!

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    • Dwane

      Thanks for writing. I miss Clete but also Paul and Paula. I sometimes get melancholy when I think I am the last.
      I appreciate you visiting and leave the note.
      Be safe.


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