Season End for Pipeline 2007 Girls Black

How do you end chronicling the successes and failures of the Pipeline 2007 Girls Black team? With the last report, once the team has played its final match. A final report as this team is no more.

Team at Region 1

Pipeline at Region 1
Pipeline 2007 Girls Black team at Region 1

The final match for the fourteen girls was their last EDP match blogged here. Ten of them played at the President’s Cup Region 1 tournament. The ten were: Sadie, Madelyn (Mattie), Manahil, Iranie, Emma, Camryn, Lacey, Ashley, Isabel, and Ellis. Lilly from the Pipeline 2008 Girls Red team augmented the ten.

The girls lost their first game to Empire FC (WV) by a score of four-one. They rebounded to win their games against GPS NJ South 07 Girls (NJ) two to nil, and against Beadling North (PA-W) three-nil.

The two wins put them into the semi-finals. Tied with Empire for wins but the Pipeline team was second because of goal difference.

The semi-final game was against another Maryland team. Premier Soccer Club 12U Girls Gold (MD) won the game three-one. The girls had their opportunities but couldn’t put them into the goal. They missed a chance on a penalty kick, hit the crossbar with one, and another hit a corner post.

Pipeline 2007 Girls Black

A new 2007 Girls Black team

A new group of girls will be the 2007 Girls Black team in August. Players selected in the May tryouts.

The fourteen girls who formed this year’s team have moved on to different challenges in the fall.

In no particular order: Ellis, Iranie, Emma, Camryn, Lacey, Sadie, Madelyn (Mattie), and Manahil will play for the Pipeline 2007 Pre Academy team.

Pipeline Soccer Club is expanding its offerings into Harford County. Isabel will play for the Pipeline 2007 Girls team there.

Emily will play for the Premier Soccer Club. Sarah and Ashley will play for the Baltimore Union Soccer Club.

Kiera and Gabriella are taking a break from club soccer.

This post is bittersweet since I have coached my final practice and last game with these talented girls. It is also the end of my career with the Pipeline Club. So ends four years, which started with the 2008 Boys Gold team and ends with this team.

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