Pipeline at 7th Annual Columbus Day Explorer Cup

Explorer tournament

Pipeline Soccer Club sent several teams to the 7th Annual Columbus Day Explorer Cup 7-8 October 2018. Two teams of special interest to me, Pipeline 2007 Girls Black and 2006 Girls Black.

Pipeline 2007 Girls Black

My son-in-law, Brad, and I coached the Pipeline 2007 Girls Black team through three games. The team played in the Championship bracket, the top bracket for the age group. They won the first game, tied the second, and lost their third game.

Those who follow this team will understand this is growth since they the Spirit tournament in August.

2007 girls black

The Pipeline team controlled the first game, scoring while limiting LANCHESTER UNITED KICKING CLEATS (PAE) scoring opportunities.

Games of the Season

In the second game, Pipeline responded when down against the team that won the tournament. FC BERNA LEGACY 07G (NJ) scored in the first half. The Pipeline girls prevented additional scoring, and, though, down late into the second-half fought back to a draw. Draws were the best results earned against Berna this weekend.

Pipeline girls lost the game against the other finalist, PDA WILDFIRE WHITE (NJ).

PDA is a 2008 team, yes girls a year younger than the 2007 team. GOTSOCCER ranks PDA as #1 in New Jersey, #3 in Region 1, and #11 in the nation for their age group. Their game history has wins against many 2007 year group teams.

This is not justification for losing. It is a fact Pipeline gave PDA a challenging game. Their coach complimented Pipeline on their quality of play against his team, which he stated had just played one of their best games ever. Later, one PDA parent stated the reason PDA lost in the final to Berna was the game Pipeline gave them. Pipeline wore them down.

It was nice to hear others compliment the girls’ play. Still, it is the coaches who know them best, and both of us felt the draw and loss were two of their best games to date.

Pipeline 2006 Girls Black

My granddaughter’s team, Pipeline 2006 Girls Black, was also at the tournament. They won three games in their bracket without allowing a single goal against. This put them in the final against LIONVILLE LIONHEARTS (PAE) who won their three games and hadn’t allowed a goal against.

The championship game was a nail-biter for both sides. The ball changed possession as the defenses held off their opponent’s offensive challenges. Deep into the second half, spectators were talking of overtime or resolution by penalty kicks.

Pipeline 2006 girls black

With single digit minutes remaining in the game, LIONHEARTS scored past the outstretched hands of Pipeline’s goalkeeper. I think the goalkeeper got her fingertips on the ball, but not enough to send it outside the far post.

Pipeline 2006 Girls Black have reason to be proud of their performance in this tournament and in the championship game.

Coming events

The next tournaments for the Pipeline teams are in November. The 2007 team will play in the Bethesda Premier Cup while the 2008 team with play a Soccer Association of Columbia tournament.

In the meantime, both teams are competing in Premier brackets of the EDP League.

Wish them well in their league and tournament play.

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