Adventures in the garden

The garden includes pots

additions to the garden

This week saw changes to my backyard. My wife and I added several vegetable plants in pots to our garden. These joined peppers and tomatoes in three raised beds. The pots currently decorate part of the deck, near the electric smoker. They will need a better home once the rain ceases.

We had the Amish build a shed several years ago. The shed houses most of my woodworking tools and some of the wood projects I will eventually get back to work. The shed extended thirty inches farther from the fence than the raised garden next to it. This was a perfect size for another flower garden.

Another flower bed in preparation

Boards laid out to frame the new flower plot and the pepper plants

I purchased an eight-foot long six-by-six to go with the two I had. These formed the front and left side of a raised flower plot. I used eight-foot long six-inch wide decking to form the back and prevent the garden soil from falling though the fencing surrounding the adjoining garden plot. I placed cardboard on the ground. A layer of garden soil topped it, followed by a layer of LEAFGRO and Miracle Gro.  We have to decide what flowers will call it home.

Recently, I blogged about changes we made to the front flower bed. The plants are doing well. Unfortunately, rain, rain, and more rain have spurred weeds and undesirable green things to spring forth in contention with the azaleas. Dianthus, and Sweet Williams. A sunny day is needed to dry it out enough to weed.

Next week I hope to report what decorates the new flower bed, and status on the progress of the vegetable plants.

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