Thanksgiving in Panama

  NaNoWriMo update This shares an interesting Thanksgiving story. But first, an NaNoWriMo challenge update. Every day I am writing something towards the NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words in the month of November. I have completed fourteen days and I am ahead of schedule. I hope to finish by day 22 …

“You can’t go home again”

Coming home from deployment “You can’t go home again”1. I completed a thirty month tour of duty in Hawaii and took home leave in route to Corpus Christi, Texas. My parents and sibling twins, brother and sister, greeted me at the airport. My other brother was in San Diego on …

Boot Camp San Diego

The closer the election gets, the more difficult it is to have a conversation or read anything online without politics creeping in. This is an exception. Why I enlisted in the Navy I enlisted in the US Navy in August 1966 under a deferment program. I had 90 days to …

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