Storyworth—Are you a regular at any of your local restaurants or cafes?

“Are you a regular at any of your local restaurants or cafes? What is that relationship like?”

It was such an interesting question.

restuarantLet us start with our favorite steakhouse—American Steakhouse outside Fort Meade Army base. It has a great selection of reasonably priced steaks and Lori’s often-ordered pork chops with marsala sauce.

Lori has eaten there enough to be recognized by management and waitstaff.  Some even remember Lori’s unsweetened ice tea and house salad with only iceberg lettuce. They learned her favorites since she and a friend often had lunch there. She and I have dinner there often, but no one seems to remember my favorites. Ahhhh, to be unrememberable!

Our favorite place for barbeque is Red, Hot, and Blue in Annapolis. We often spent the evening dining with our good friend, Dean Ryan. I would order the triple plater of sausage, brisket, and ribs, and Lori and Dean usually ordered the burnt ends platter. Though the food was always excellent, the visit with Dean made the evening. Unfortunately, Dean passed away recently, and eating there will never be the same.

A coming favorite with me is the Oscars in Jumpers Hole. Lori and her friend eat there often and recently introduced me to it. I particularly love the fish and chips.

For sandwiches, we frequent Chick Fil Le and Jersey Mikes.

Though these are our favorites, there are other restaurants we patronize. We, sometimes, eat at Outback, Longhorn, and Olive Garden. Each has something we enjoy.

I hope that you became hungry while reading this. Why not let me know where you prefer to eat if you do.

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