Our Summer with Covid-19

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First, my wife and I are doing well, sitting out the Covid-19 in a half-opened Maryland.

Summer Time

Covid-19 has affected our usual summer. What do two senior retirees do for the summer? Other years, we would have bowled until early May in leagues. After the leagues, we would use a visit to the lanes to give a reason to leave the house. Sometimes, we would take some of our grandkids bowling on dollar day, so we could also afford to feed them 😁. We mostly stayed home this year.

“Living” at the alleys since 1985 has gained us friends we enjoy being with away from the lanes. We would get together for dinner, sharing our lives over a delightful meal. The lockdown did more than keep us home. It enforced it with the closure of our favorite and not so favorite eateries. The upside is that we will have lots to catch up once we can dine together again.

Bowling in or after Covid-19

The lanes being closed does not disrupt our league participation, not yet. We don’t bowl summer leagues, though I practice several times a month. This year, it might not matter if fall leagues don’t restart. Currently, the base commander is allowing the lanes to open for food service but not for bowling until late August. The re-opening depends on the Covid-19 numbers then.

My fear has to do with league bowlers returning and attracting new bowlers. The men’s league, and most of the others, have a large number of seniors. My wife’s senior’s league requires bowlers to be fifty or older; most are older than sixty. How many seniors will return if the disease is still rampant?

We recruit new bowlers during the summer when they come to practice. This option is not available this summer. Will new bowlers seek a league in September, if the alley opens?

Finally, how much disruption to bowling practices will bowlers accept? Will they wear masks? Would they accept changes to regular schedules to comply with social distancing rules? E.g., bowling every other week, or split shifts? These, and other questions, worry me that my league may not start on time, or at all.

RVing or not

There are other effects of Covid-19. This week found us planning the meals and snacks for a recreational vehicle trip. Decisions based on if any grandchildren were traveling with us. But Covid-19 has disrupted our plans. We will not spend late July with relatives in Texas like we have the past three years.

Instead of making the Texas trip, we have considered a local RV excursion. I suggested taking the RV for a two day trip into western Maryland. We would enjoy some beautiful scenery and the road trip.  The RV would enable us to stay safer, eating, and sleeping in a space we control. We shall see.

Lastly, I am so disgusted with the anarchy seen daily. Laws ignored and federal, state, and local government is abetting the lawless. How, by refusing to confront the criminal segment who have co-opted lawful, peaceful protests. It needs to stop before it goes so far that average citizens feel the need to push back against the lawless themselves. Our leaders need to stop it before it goes too far.

Be safe during these trying times!

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