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David GreenGen PatchUpdate to the post on David Jerome Green..

The Ship

I received a black and white photograph of the ship David, and his family traveled on to the states.  The family was unable to provide the ships name. The picture shows several decks. The higher deck David referred to is one of the top two in view.

He named the ship as a USNS ship. I couldn’t remember the name until I was searching databases of Army ships transferred to the Military Sea Transport Service (MSTS).  Here I found the USNS Gen Alexander M. Patch and remembered it was the name he gave.


I told David I had never heard of the Patch. He named it again, and I googled the ship. After being acquired by the Navy in 1950 it made runs between New York, Bremerhaven Germany, and Southampton, England. It made runs bringing military dependents, among other persons, back to the United States. I learned this from a posting on the Naval History and Heritage Command site.

Have you ever couldn’t remember something until you saw it in print? Tell me of it using the comment form.


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