Pipeline 2007 Girls Black at FC DELCO

DELCOThe Pipeline 2007 Girls Black team competed in the FC DELCO Players Cup 25-26 May.

This tournament was the next to last of this season for the team. The team will be at the President’s Cup Regional tournament in a couple weeks. They won their bracket and played in the Maryland President’s Cup semi-final. They lost but received a spot in the Regional when a team withdrew.

The girls were placed in the Premier Tier Bracket A, a five team bracket, at DELCO.

FC DELCO Saturday’s Games

The first game on Saturday was against MATCH FIT MONTCLAIR UNITED 2007 GIRLS (NJ). It was an 8 am start. Everyone drove up that morning and play reflected it. The girls started slow and scored one goal in the first half. The second half saw them score four times while allowing one goal. Final was five for, one against.

Pipeline 2007 Girls Black

The second game was played in the early afternoon. There was time for a late breakfast, early lunch between games. The game against MANHATTAN SC LYON (NYE) saw the girls start fast. A foul gave them a penalty kick goal in the first minute. A second goal followed a minute later. The third came before five minutes elapsed. The final for this game was six for Pipeline, one for Manhattan.

These results were with a shorted crew. One player was on vacation, and another had a hamstring pull keeping her out. The fourteen person roster reduced to twelve present. Sunday’s games saw a roster of eleven as another girl had conflicting obligations.

Sunday’s Games

The first game on Sunday was against SCS UNITED BLACK (PAW). This team challenged the girls and the final was Pipeline one, SCS nil on a sunny, warmer day. The pipeline had three wins, zero losses, and zero ties. Would the team continue to win?

Sunday’s second game against CT RUSH SW 07 GIRLS (CT) ended the team’s dream of making the finals. Rush scored quickly and continued to demonstrate their technical and tactical excellence. The Pipeline girls often challenged the Rush goalie but weren’t able to score. The game was called in the second half when lightning was spotted. The game’s final was Rush four, Pipeline one.

I would be remiss if I didn’t note the shortage of substitutes didn’t help against Rush. The absence of three girls limited the coach’s ability to rest girls during this warm, muggy game. Though, it likely wouldn’t have made a difference in the result based on how Rush played.

Tryout Results

So, the team has the Regional and one EDP game before there will be a serious change in the fall team. The May tryouts saw seven girls selected for promotion to the Pipeline 2007 Girls Pre-Academy team. Five girls opted to go to other clubs, and two will leave club soccer entirely.

Having worked with the girls since the spring 2018 season, I am saddened that the team is fractured. I am happy for the girls moving up, and wish those leaving the best for them. It has been a pleasure working with them.

Season’s End

There is still an EDP game and a tournament to play. The next time I blog about them will be the last for this team of young ladies.

Wish the girls success in the tournament using the comment form. I look forward to hearing from you.

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