Ever Feel the Need to Rant?

Sometimes I need to rant. Read on.

I live on the street opening into our development. We are two houses away from a wooded area that is a wetland.

Peeve one-speeding

Skitterphoto / Pixabay

Some drivers in the development don’t obey the speed limit.

The community had traffic humps installed on my street to slow traffic. They slow some traffic as the vehicles go over the hump, but only over the hump. Several drivers enjoy seeing what speed they can reach between the protrusions. Others driving high clearance vehicles accept the jar they receive when they don’t slow for them.

We have grandchildren living next door, and another family with children lives across the street. Several of the children are under six years old. Children crossing the street is a common occurrence. I fear a child who isn’t adept at judging vehicle speed will dart into the road, and the driver will not have time to stop.

Peeve two-stop signs

stop sign
ElasticComputeFarm / Pixabay


Drivers treat stop signs as a caution sign.

There are stop signs throughout the neighborhood. I see drivers who slow down before running the signs. They do this at all hours and in many types of weather. I expect if I spoke to one of those drivers, they would tell me there was no car at the intersection or coming. Maybe valid for most, but I have observed and had drivers slow before cutting through the intersection in front of me.

One day, two such drivers will not see the other, and another accident will occur, hopefully without major injuries.

Peeve three-trash

8249023 / Pixabay

People throw their trash into the wooded area.

This is an ongoing problem related to peeve four. Often, too often, food wrappers and drink containers will appear along the sidewalks running street’s side of the woods. My impression is they throw the trash from moving vehicles. Some garbage is glass beer bottles. Sometimes the bottle hits the sidewalk and shatters into some large but many small pieces. I won’t write what I think when I see the glass along the street where I am walking my dogs.

Peeve four-poop

People don’t clean up their dog poop.

dog poop
wir_sind_klein / Pixabay

Owners will walk their dogs to the woods and back. Periodically, I find dog waste in my yard or along the sidewalks shaded by the woods. I walk my dogs, two male Labrador mixes, in this area. I police my dog’s leavings as a matter of being a good neighbor with dogs. I wish others would do the same.

Enough peeves for the day. The idea to blog this subject came as I was picking up some droppings that weren’t my dogs.

Do you have pet peeves? I would love to hear them, so I offer a comment form for your use. I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Dwane

      All of yours fit my list also. Isn’t it interesting how one of these will raise the blood pressure?
      I am not a slow walker unless with my wife. She always tells me to slow down LOL.

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