Happy New Year

Happy New Year! One of my memories from years-ago is seeing Father Time and Baby Time as one year ended, and the next started. I can’t say that I have seen it recently. Did it someway fall to political correctness? I sat Thursday night as the clock neared midnight, considering …

Retirement Party

My wife hosted a retirement party on Saturday to fix my retirement in my mind and those of my friends. My wife suggested the party a few weeks after I announced my retirement date to my boss and family in early November 2017. She and my children brainstormed the details. …

Sleeping in, Not!

Week One The first week of retirement was interesting and not what I expected. My friends told me I could sleep-in mornings once retired. Little likely I learned. My wife is the secretary to a Monday morning bowling league. Often, she asked me to take a day off and go with …

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