Happy New Year

Thank you and Happy New Year to those who have spent time with me on this blog, on Facebook, or Twitter. Only active since October, I hope I entertained, provided a laugh or two, or brought a memory long gone to mind with the posts. I began the year toying …

Is having fun not enough?

  The question asked is having fun not enough? Must winning be the only acceptable result? Before I explain why I ask, a brief interlude to discuss the status of my writing. My novels are lonely! The Christmas season is in full bloom and I have the post-nanowrimo malaise. This …

NaNoWriMo — Kiliane’s Rage

NaNoWriMo — Kiliane’s Rage I finished NaNoWriMo with a total 50,248 words in 28 days. It has been an interesting experience from which I learned much. My goal when I signed up was a 50k word novel or near-novel by the end of the month. It was great relief to …

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