Some Cameron and Knott Family History

Dwane’s Grandparents and Parents A long time ago, Elizabeth Midkiff and James Frederick Harris had a beautiful daughter named Mary Ruth in Owensboro, Kentucky. The date was 23 January 1927. Almost two months later, Johanna Mae Elder and Hilary Oswald Knott had a handsome son named Francis Leo. It was …

Ronald Cameron’s Ninety-third Birthday Visit

The rain on the drive home couldn’t detract from a pleasant weekend visit with relatives in Ohio. The excuse for the trip was to celebrate the ninety-third birthday of Ronald Cameron, her cousin. We attended Ronald’s ninety-second birthday party last year on Easter. It was the first time we met …

Cameron Reunion, Texans and Ohioians

Friday My wife and I spent part of the Easter weekend with members of the Cameron Clan living in Ohio. The rest spent traveling to Ohio and back home. We found the drive safe. The weather cooperated, and only a small part of Friday’s trip saw rain. Ronald McDonald Cameron …

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