Dwane Knott is a writer with a penchant for magic, elves, dragons, dwarfs, men and women-at-arms and monsters.

Dwane, preteen and teen, adventured in alternate realities. He survived the post-nuclear apocalyptic age brought on by diplomatic failure over the Cuban missile crisis. He saved middle-America from attacking hordes, mutants, and zombies. Dwane journeyed to Mars and saved a princess. He saved books from fire brigades and solved mysteries with Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and Miss Marple.

Dwane’s owes his existence to the fortuitous event of mother meeting an inept knife-weilding butcher. She bewitched him when they first met and several months later they married. His father denies being bewitched but does not deny he amputated part of a finger when he first saw her. He was carving beef at the market where he worked. Dwane was their first born.

Fleeing the nest upon graduation, Dwane worked in a factory for six months. At 18, he was hired by a pharmaceutical plant. The new position required ensuring an assembly line staffed by women had the parts for their products. Soon, he was coddled every shift by the 20-25 women who worked the assembly line. A grand adventure for a young man recently left home.

Life of Riley lasted until he turned 19 a year later. The U.S. Army offered an adventure in Viet Nam via draft notice. Dwane wanted different adventures and enlisted in the Navy. Twenty-five years later he retired from the nautical service. Chapters in those 25 years include winning the love of a wonderful woman and fathering a son and daughter. Since retiring from the Navy, the last 25 years have been adventures of a different sort. He has watched his children grow and create their own adventures. They married and added four granddaughters and three grandsons to the cast of characters. Grandma when asked how she put up with him for 42 plus years answers with a shrug and a knowing smile. *She must enjoy the adventuring.*

Dwane’s hectic schedule permits little time for storybook adventures. When he has time, he slips into an alter ego as a soldier-of-fortune, a spy, a mercenary, a politician, a knight, or a king. He has cast spells as a mage, rode dragons, fought an assassin, and dueled with swordsmen. He has been an orc, a kobold, a blood-sucking gnarley evil creature, an elf, a dwarf. When he puts the book aside or turns off the kindle, he reverts to his lovable grandfatherly persona.

Dwane will leave his current job soon. His plans includes time with family, working with a youth soccer teams, and time to document experiences in worlds of his imagination in novels. Dwane is documenting one of those worlds in his current work in progress. He encourages you to join him, his family and friends at dwaneknott.com as they adventure through “The Fall of his Life.

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