My Memorial Day 2023

God Bless those who served and gave their all in the name of freedom. Yet, I celebrate the men of my family who survived their service by God’s grace on this Memorial Day.

my Dad
Francis Leo Knott

Francis Leo Knott, my father, served over twenty-six years in the US Navy. He saw service in the last days of World War II, during the Korean War, and during Viet Nam. My father retired as an Electrician Mate Senior Chief. He passed in 2002. Read my childhood memories of him here.

Cletus James Knott, a younger brother, served twenty years in the Navy. We were in the Navy at the same time, but the Navy never detailed us to the same command. However, we had time together while I was stationed in Hawaii, and his ship spent some time in port. Though it was a short time together, we still had fun at Luaus, bowling and just being together. He retired as a Gunners Mate Guns First Class. Cletus died in a motorcycle accident after visiting the family home in 2002.

Joseph Paul Knott, the youngest brother,  also served in the Navy. But his service was cut short due to medical reasons. He passed in 2003.

Dad, Cletus, and Paul. Thank you for your service.

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