What Gives You Peace of Mind?—Storyworth Question

peace of mindWhat gives you peace of mind?

Peace of mind can be elusive at times. Age brings aches and pains. And the realization lifetimes are finite. Making long-range decisions more difficult.

Yet, sitting here in my recliner and thinking on it—I enjoy many things that make life enjoyable, giving me a feeling of peace of mind. There is physical comfort knowing my wife and I own our house, have reliable transportation, and money to support our lifestyle.

I have medical conditions, but they are treatable. I am mobile and able to do the things I enjoy. More importantly, I have the comfort of a loving wife, two children, and seven grandchildren, salving the discomforts of age.

A good book and these allow me to relax and accept whatever comes; it will work out.

Peace of Mind during Covid

For the fun of it, I checked an online dictionary. Peace of Mind was defined as “a feeling of being safe and protected.” I am so sure I have that peace of mind.

How can one achieve a feeling of safety when the country has suffered from a year-long attack by the invisible Covid-19 virus. Every night the news bombarded me with that day’s newly infected number, followed by how many died. Then, the doctor of the day would name multiple ways to protect oneself as if those things were armor. Now we have numerous vaccines, and none of them guarantee protection from the virus.

Then, how does one get a feeling of protection? Of course, I remember—follow the doctor’s advice. Wear a mask, no two masks, wash your hands, socially distance six feet, no six is not enough, make it eighteen feet, get the vaccine, no the vaccine had not proved safe according to then Presidential Candidate Biden and Vice President Candidate Harris. Yet, once elected, they went to the head of the line. Who knows what to trust when their words and actions prove them, hypocrites. The government can’t get it story straight, and there is no 100%  protection from the virus.

So much for safety and protection, yet I have peace of mind for the reasons cited earlier.

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