Fighting 2020 Election Depression

depressedNearing depression

I sit here contending with a bout of near-depression. I am usually very much an optimist, but this election brings out the pessimist in me. I wonder what great sin in my past warrants the punishment of watching my great country on the verge of being brought low.

Donald J. Trump President

Donald TrumpI celebrated when Donald J. Trump was elected president. His business background and campaign promises foretold prosperity for the country. I was not disappointed.

  • The wages for blue-collar workers grew faster than for white-collar employees.
  • Unemployment decreased as there were more jobs than qualified applicants. Also, the unemployment rate for minorities was lowest in years, for some the lowest ever.
  • The number of illegals crossing the border reduced by an improved border wall and agreements between the United States and Mexico.
  • The stock market grew by bounds as Americans spent their increased wealth and corporations reported their earnings. Individuals with stocks saw their accounts grow rapidly. Working Americans with 401k or IRA accounts enjoyed the same.
  • President Trump began withdrawing America from Middle East wars after destroying ISIS. Troops are returning to the States, and no new wars started. For the first time in over twenty-five years, Israel and several Middle East Nations signed peace agreements.
  • He increased funding to the military with pay increases for members and replenishment of equipment and munitions.
  • Reformed the Veterans Administration to provide improved care for veterans.
  • Signed an Executive Order to make hospitals post their charges for care to allow price shopping by those seeking care.
  • Signed an Executive Order to make pharmaceutical companies price drugs at their cost in other countries, benefiting all Americans.
  • His opponent regularly attacks the response to COVID-19. The facts are President Trump took quick action to fight the virus’ impact.
    • Shut down flights from China and Europe after conferring with experts.
    • Shut down America’s economy after consulting experts again.
    • Cut through red tape and used his influence with pharmaceutical companies to begin the rapid development of a vaccine.
    • Used his emergency powers to have companies build personal protective equipment at a phenomenal rate. Used the Army Corps of Engineers to erect field hospitals in cities where hospitals approached capacity because of the many infected.
    • Signed multiple funding bills to mitigate COVID-19 financial impact on businesses and those laid off.

President Trump’s efforts resulted in the return to work for many of those furloughed and the largest growth in Gross Domestic Product ever. This, while several states continue keeping many businesses locked down or operating at reduced capacity.

There are many reasons for optimism brought with the election of Donald J. Trump, so what is the problem—the possible election of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden

joe biden

Joe Biden, Vice President under President Obama, made concerning promises. A summary follows.

  • Will fight COVID-19 but hasn’t any plans different from what the President has done.
    • Shut down the economy if experts recommend it.
    • Mandate mask wear. President Trump recommended but didn’t mandate wearing a mask.
    • More personal protective equipment, though there are surpluses now.
    • Accomplish some things that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended for getting schools reopened and vaccine development.
  • Promises to repeal the Trump tax cuts, which gave the average American family an extra $2000.00 a year and more for those with children. These go away with the Biden plan.
  • Increase taxes for corporations that will increase the price of their product or reduce pay or benefits for workers to maintain corporate profitability. A third option which many may employ is to move overseas where taxes are lower.
  • Spend on extensive infrastructure. The spending is for clean energy and to fight climate change.
    • Spend to move electricity generation to solar and wind sources.
    • Buy millions of electric cars and install thousands of charging stations.
    • Increase the demand placed on power plants, oooppppsss—I mean wind and solar power sources that even now can’t meet California’s needs.
  • Stop all new drilling and forbid fracking on government lands. It begins the destruction of the fossil fuel industry.
    • Eliminate the subsidies to the oil companies.
    • Less oil and natural gas produced domestically will increase gasoline, electricity, and heating fuel costs.
    • Cause America to be energy independent no longer and make America reliant on imports once more.
    • Interesting point: windmills and solar panels are created with energy from fossil fuels. Without great energy sources, windmill and solar panel parts will be built overseas. This conflicts with the promise to “Buy American.”
  • Promises to make MEDICARE available under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to those who couldn’t afford insurance.
    • MEDICARE is practically on life support now. Adding large numbers of new users will create funding issues, and likely lead to socialized medicine as insurance companies can’t compete with government funded plans.
    • In other countries, government (socialized) insurance has resulted in long waits and rationed care.
  • Promised to make eleven million illegals eligible for citizenship.
    • Open the borders and allow thousands to enter the United States, who will contest Americans for entry-level jobs and depress Americans’ wages.
    • Those who come will levy a heavy load on schools, hospitals, and social services, which again adversely affects American families.

He and his socialist running mate have made other promises, which brings on my borderline depression. It is contrary to my lifetime optimistic nature, but where I am today.

Resolution to Depression

There is only one resolution to depression, the reelection of Donald J. Trump on 3 November 2020. Elation is his reelection, and the Senate remains in Republican control. Jubilation comes with those and the House of Representative going Republican.

Until next time, remember to be safe during this trying time.

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