Pipeline 2007 Girls Black’s Spring Season

Pipeline 2007 Girls Black
Pipeline 2007 Girls after tough win

The Pipeline 2007 Girls Black are having a good year.

They were finalists at the February APC Premier Cup Girls 2019 Spring Showcase with wins over NJ STALLIONS WAYNE UTD 07 NPL and STA 2007G.

The team started the Spring EDP with two-one wins over BETHESDA SC ACADEMY WHITE 07 and OLD LINE FC 07 PRIDE BLACK on consecutive weekends.

President’s Cup

These performances foreshadowed the Maryland President’s Cup.

The first week-end the Pipeline team defeated SAC PREMIER WHITE 07 two-one on Saturday and drew BALTIMORE UNION SC GIRLS ELITE 07 nil-nil on Sunday.

The second weekend the girls defeated Maryland United Red II by a score of one-nil on Saturday. This victory placed them atop their bracket and into the semifinals on Sunday.

The girls lost to LTSC 2007 (PURPLE) in a hard-fought game one-two in the semifinals.

This game also served as an EDP game. The loss left Pipeline and LTSC tied atop their EDP bracket with two wins and one loss.

Back to EDP Play

Yesterday May 4th, Pipeline girls defeated TRI-COUNTY SC TRIUMPH 2007 by a score of two-nil.  They stayed tied atop their bracket with three wins and one loss.

The fall 2018 EDP season saw the Pipeline girls winning two, drawing one, and losing six games. Already the girls have bested the fall record.

Today, the girls met BALTIMORE UNION SC GIRLS ELITE 07 in an EDP match. The teams met in President’s Cup three weeks ago, and I am confident each wanted more than a nil-nil result.

It drizzled during pregame warmup but stopped as the game began. Union scored first on a high shot that bounced into a corner. Pipeline evened the score with a shot that caught the goalkeeper leaning the wrong way.

The girls scored again on a set piece. Pipeline’s Eight volleyed a corner kick passed Union’s goalkeeper as the half ended.

The second half saw a flurry of scoring. Union scored their second goal to even the score when Pipeline’s goalkeeper mishandled a high shot. Union followed with another shot to the near post that scooted by our goalie. Union led three-two.

Five minutes to go, the coach asked his starters to get two goals. Moments later the forward slammed a corner kick into the goal bringing the score to three-all. Less than a minute to go, the forward found a crease in Union’s defense to score seconds before the final whistle. Final score: Pipeline four, Union three.

Bracket standings

The team sits atop the bracket with twelve points with five of nine games completed. Regardless of how the next games go, the team has shown tremendous growth since only drawing one game in each of the fall tournaments, the Spirit United Kickoff Classic and the Keystone Cup 2018.

PIPELINE Soccer Club (PSC)


Tryouts are this month. Players will be competing for roster places on Pipeline’s teams. Check the Pipeline’s website for dates and times.

Wish Good Luck

The 2007 girls are playing hard and showing improvement with each game. Use the attached comment form to wish them good luck as they finish the EDP season and prepare for the FC DELCO Players Cup.





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