Pipeline 2007 Girls Black Update

PIPELINE Soccer Club (PSC)It is time for an update on the Pipeline 2007 Girls Black team’s 2018-2019 season. My last update was 22 October 2018.

Pipeline EDP Results

The team finished their EDP winter season with a record of two wins, one draw, and six losses. The two wins were shutouts, and the losses were all close contests except for one, the only game Pipeline was shutout. Considering the team played several club’s first teams and played them to one goal losses was encouraging. So much for the league results.

Fall tournaments

Let’s recap fall tournaments. The team came together in August 2018. Girls who transferred from local clubs joined several girls from the Pipeline Red team and the previous year’ Black team. The girls had a few training sessions together before beginning tournament play. Their results reflected this ambitious start.

As the club’s second team in the age group and a top ten team in Maryland, they played in the top bracket of the Spirit United Kickoff Classic. Pipeline came up short with two-one goal losses but drew a game.

Keystone Cup was another tournament where they played in the top bracket. The team drew one game, was shutout in one and suffered a one-goal loss. Two tournaments without a win while playing top competition.

Things went better in the 7th Annual Columbus Day Explorer Day Cup. Again top bracket, the Pipeline girls drew the tournament champion, lost to the finalist, and won the third game. Finally, a tournament win for the team.

The Bethesda Premier Cup Girls-2018 saw Pipeline play only one game. It was a single goal loss in the top bracket.

Winter tournament

Now for unreported results. The girls played in the B bracket at the APC Premier Cup 2018- Boys & Girls Winter Showcase along with the nation’s number two team and another top New Jersey team. The team won its second tournament game and suffered two losses.

Most recently. Last weekend, 23-24 February, the team played a five-team bracket at the APC Premier Cup Girls 2019 Spring Showcase. They won two games and finished as a finalist behind the top team in Maryland. Of three teams with two wins, the Pipeline team was the team with a positive goal deferential.

The result for the seventeen tournament games against top competition was four wins, three draws, and ten losses. A less than stellar result but there were games against the second team in the nation, a state cup champion, and top teams from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

The growth from one draw in each of the first two tournaments to finalist in the last portends good things for the team in the EDP 2019 spring league and spring tournaments.

Upcoming Pipeline Soccer Club Tryouts

The Pipeline 2007 Girls Pre-Academy and Black Team will transition to 11v11 play in the fall. The teams will seek quality players at the tryouts in May. If you are interested in trying out, monitor the Pipeline Soccer Club website for the location and dates.

Do you have a story to share? Ever played soccer? Have an opinion about soccer? I would love to hear it. The comment form is a good way to let me know.

I look forward to anything you want to share.

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