Military Championship Tournament-2019

Another Military Championship Tournament in Las Vegas.

Military championship
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I arrived in Las Vegas Sunday afternoon on a Southwest Airlines flight. The flight arrived too late for me to compete in the sweeper, a three-game mini-tournament. I had paid to compete and presently await a decision to refund my entry based on Southwest canceling my Saturday flight.

Southwest Airlines canceled the flight based on weather according to the agent who reschedule me to Sunday. The weather at the Baltimore Washington International (BWI) airport was rainy with weak wind. True the forecast for the northeast was heavy snow, but the freeze line was well north of BWI.

The agent gave me the choice of three flights on Sunday. I choice the first but it still arrived too late for the mini-tournament. Interestingly, how were there so many openings if the persons on Saturday were, like me, rescheduled for Sunday.

It has been a quick week. I am at the airport waiting on a flight home. I received notification the flight is delayed. I hope it isn’t canceled like the flight out. Unlike last year, I did well this year. I confirmed I cashed in singles and I am in the hunt on doubles. My team series was decent and it gave me a good chance of cashing in all-events. This is already one of the better ones in recent years. It could prove the best for cashing. Competition is fun but making money in Las Vegas adds to the fun.

Bowling is the excuse to come to Las Vegas. The tournament brings together friends and acquaintances from around the world. It brought together my teammates for a week of comradery. Two of us came from Maryland, one from Minnesota, one from Kansas, another from Oregon, one from Texas. Outside the team, I have enjoyed renewing acquaintances with co-workers from past years.

It has been a great time despite the angsts of delayed air travel.

Have you been to Las Vegas or want to go? Look forward to hearing from you.


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