Surviving to the 100th Blog Post

100th blog

Celebration, this is my 100th blog.

When it all started

I posted my first blog on October 5, 2016. It warned I would share things I found interesting and that I hadn’t a particular theme for the posts. I have been true, posting about family, about my favorite pastime—bowling, about writing a novel, about the Pipeline soccer teams I help coach, and more. There are Ninety-nine in fact. Two years to the 100th blog.

More visits please!

I am encouraged by the 6135 visits to the site over the past two years. Visitors from readers in the United States and from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Brazil, Singapore, Germany, and more.

I hope to one day write the breakout blog and see that number become common for a week, perhaps for a day.


Do you leave comments?

I am disappointed by the lack of comment on my posts. I shouldn’t be since many of the posts are, most likely, of little interest to most people. But, I enjoy interacting with my readers and hope to see more comments on coming posts. Thank you to the readers who contributed to the 67 comments received.

Those who have previously visited my site,, will notice a new design. The new look showcases more of my musings on the front page. (May one become a breakout post and result in the number of visits exceeding the current high of ninety in a single day.)

Addition site content

The new look still provides access to the genealogy data available under the old look. I will update that content when I understand how to get past an issue with my gencom file being too large. There will be future posts spotlighting some of the people in the site database.

The new look includes my email address where readers can submit questions and comments. I hope to keep it active and will unless spam becomes excessive.

Follow me

follow me

There are options available to sign up for a yet written newsletter and to subscribe to the blog. I encourage readers to do both.

What is coming?

What do I see in the future? I will highlight my Pipeline team’s contests, share interesting events, for me at least, from my life, share interesting tidbits about ancestors, and anything I find interesting. If you dig back and read my welcome post, you will notice the future reflects what I promised then.

Enough, time to get this posted, ready for your comments. I hope you find at least one thing to cause you sleepless nights unless you provide a comment to this, my 100th, post.


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