Memories, Making and Sharing Memories….


Road trips are a place to make memories and learn of other’s memories. Road trips are something we are familiar and comfortable with. Pack the car, settle the kids, charge off to the destination, a short stay, and return to home. This weekend followed the menu with one exception, no kids settled in the car.

Stopping in Ohio

We spent the first afternoon and night in Dayton, Ohio where we had dinner with Jennifer, my wife’s cousin. We did an after dinner visit with Ronald, Jennifer’s father–my wife’s 92 year-old cousin. For two hours, we listened to stories of Ronald’s years in Scotland and some from his years in the United States.

memoriesMy wife, Jennifer, and Ronald exchanged stories until it was time to go. Before we left, Jennifer and Ronald treated us singing several Scottish songs. The visit was interesting and entertaining.

The next day we visited with my niece, Crystal, in Illinois. The hours sped by as I told some of my memories and she shared some of hers. They were stories of family and friends from mine and her youth. We sometimes strayed into stories of my siblings and my parents. Unfortunately, time was called, and we had to leave, leaving many stories yet to be told.

More Family Memories

I find it difficult to translate the enjoyment of hearing stories of Ronald’s life and sharing remembrances with Crystal into words. I relished learning of Ronald’s time in the Army during World War II and Crystal’s adventures on a three wheeler on School Street’s hill. But, melancholic at knowing when Ronald, Jennifer, Crystal, my wife, and I pass on interesting and fun stories of our lives will leave with us.

That is unless we share them with others. I can’t tell their stories, but I can mine. Occasionally, I will use this venue to pass them on.

Make my day by using the comment form to relate a memory you cherish.


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