Considering a Soccer Club, Think Pipeline Soccer Club


PIPELINE Soccer Club (PSC)
Courtesy of PSC

If you are considering a soccer club for your player, think PSC.

The Pipeline Soccer Club (PSC) is presenting the opportunity for boy and girl soccer players to earn a place on a club team. Current rostered team members and players seeking a place should attend tryouts. All skill levels are welcome.

Players undergo testing as I mentioned in last week’s post. The club’s expectation is the child will work hard and show his or her best skillset. The coach’s evaluation of how the child performs will affect the offer made to the child.

PSC Tryout process

Pipeline tryouts
Courtesy of PSC

I was one of the coach assistants at last year’s tryouts. I observed boys born in 2008 executing dribbling and passing drills before placed in teams to scrimmage. Some boys received offers to teams at the level of demonstrated abilities. Players were notified if not selected to a team. The boys who accepted their offer received information on joining the club.

Those who rejected the offers created additional work for the coaches. Instead of a player the coach felt would integrate into the team, he faced taking a less talented boy.

Some parents scout multiple clubs with the object to get a top team selection. They will accept the offer from the club offering a spot on their tier one team. Besides inconsiderate, they don’t seem focused on great learning experiences for their child.

Deciding on the best offer – things to consider

The point is the parents should evaluate the clubs for the experience they will offer their child.  They should consider the overall package the club offers. What is the quality of coaches and how integrated into the training process are the Director of Coaching and technical directors?  Does the club have better prospects or overall access to elite competitions?  How integrated are the teams in an age group? Can players train or play with higher level teams in their age group?

EDP leadership council
courtesy of PIPELINE Soccer Club

PSC is one of the founding members of the US Youth Soccer National League EDP Leadership Council. It is one of the clubs with lower level teams that compete well in challenging leagues and tournaments as reflected by their results. PSC teams play in top tournaments such as Jefferson Cup and Disney. This year PSC had a National Champion. The experience is more important than the level of the team.

PSC pays for the facilities used to test the players. Its coaches commit many hours of their own time going over evaluations notes and creating the offers. Finally, PSC encourages coaches to make them promptly, within days of the end of tryouts. Parents should accept or reject offers with the same promptness.

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