Parents and Coaches , similar or different?

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It is interesting how parenting is similar to coaching a young sports team.

Parents guide their children to prepare them to be successful in life.

Coaches provide guidance and training to the team members to prepare them to be successful in competitions.

Common Objective

One commonality is the parent and coach try to inculcate the desire to learn into children. How to instill this desire is the challenge.

Parents have advantages over coaches. There is the unique relationship between parent and child, often loving. The parent provides subsistence and shelter. The parent also provides access to entertainment. Finally, the child and parent co-exist in an environment where contact will be regular and often.

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Coaches have limited contact with players, usually during practice sessions. These sessions occur a limited number of times a week, but only for a few hours each session. Unlike the parent, the coach does not provide subsistence or shelter (unless it is a canopy when raining!)


Parents and coaches have limits on how they can respond to children disinclined to listen and learn. Both can play on the child’s love or respect for them should it exists. This may not be enough though.

Parents can restrict access to entertainment and some types of subsistence such as sweets. Physical punishment may be an option if it is acceptable to the parent and complies with local and federal laws. Regardless, abuse is never proper.

Coaches are limited to what can be done during practice or during the game. This includes appealing to the player’s affinity for teammates, individual endurance training, and removal from training drills. Lastly, the coach can limit playing time during competitions.

Child’s Responsibility

The endgame is parents and coaches have goals for those in their care. However, it is incumbent on the child to take the initiative to make use of the experiences and knowledge parents and coaches provide.

How much responsibility for success do you think lies with the child? I would enjoy learning your thoughts on the relationship between parents, coaches, and the child. Comment form provided for your input.






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