Cameron Reunion, Texans and Ohioians


My wife and I spent part of the Easter weekend with members of the Cameron Clan living in Ohio. The rest spent traveling to Ohio and back home. We found the drive safe. The weather cooperated, and only a small part of Friday’s trip saw rain.

at Cameron
Ronald McDonald Cameron

Ronald McDonald Cameron heads these branches of the Cameron tree. My wife’s father was James Alexander Cameron, Jr. He and Ronald are cousins making Ronald my wife’s first cousin once removed. He will be 92-years-old on 23 April 2018.

Many families spent the weekend visiting with family, but for us, it was the first time to meet these relatives. Eighteen months ago we learned this branch of the Cameron tree lived just a short eight-hour drive away. They were having an Easter Sunday luncheon and invited us. It was time to meet them.

We met Jennifer, one of my wife’s second cousins, Friday evening. After the hugs, we spent several hours getting to know each other and learning the weekend schedule. Each of us expected a busy weekend.


Heather, my wife’s sister, flew from Texas to join the family reunion on Saturday.  While waiting for her to arrive, we attended Jennifer’s granddaughter’s third birthday party. We met her children and grandchildren. (More persons to add to the family tree I maintain.) We spent the rest of the day and evening meeting more cousins and their in-laws. We met Jennifer’s sister Heather and brothers Colin and Gordan. The evening ended with everyone going to dinner at a small eatery and bar in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

The eatery sits near an old train station. The space where the rails once ran has been paved over and makes a wonderful bike path. This is a picture of the train station.

Old Yellow Springs, Ohio train station

Sunday – Cameron Reunion

Cameron Tartan and Crest

Sunday started with picking up a special cake. The cake top had the Cameron tartan and crest. We took the cake to the nursing home where Ronald lived.  He joined us before the families arrived. They warned us he was a special character, and he proved to be such. Ronald, almost 92, entertained us with stories of family, singing, and telling jokes.

Animated conversations followed the potluck luncheon. Several centered on the Texan branch and others on the Ohio side. Pictures followed every discussion to commemorate the occasion. Cell phone batteries died by the score.

We packed to leave for the drive home and were in the car when called back. The piper had arrived. We rejoined them. A cousin’s son entertained everyone with two Scottish bagpipe renditions. It was a proper conclusion to the reunion of members of a Scottish Clan and those of us lucky enough to have married into it.

We left promising to return soon.

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