Sleeping in, Not!

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Week One

The first week of retirement was interesting and not what I expected. My friends told me I could sleep-in mornings once retired. Little likely I learned.

My wife is the secretary to a Monday morning bowling league. Often, she asked me to take a day off and go with her. Retired, I had no excuse. Early rise to find me at The Lanes on Fort George G. Meade. No sleep in on Monday!

The benefit of Insurance

Although I stopped going to the office and getting paid on 26 January, my insurances continued through 31 January. The wife informed me she had a dental appointment on Tuesday morning. She suggested it was an opportunity to let our dentist know our insurance profile was changing. So, early rise to suffer traffic on the 695 Baltimore beltway at near rush hour.

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The receptionist made the adjustments while my wife met her appointment. Fate intervened to ensure an appointment perfect for me to get a cleaning while still insured.

How fate loves me! If there is anything wrong in my mouth, it will raise its head during a cleaning. The beast reared as a filling sought a replacement. As I was checking out, the appointment receptionist pointed out an opening on Wednesday perfect for me. More work done while still insured. How could I refuse? A 9:00 a.m. appointment, of course.

Weekday three found me again in the Baltimore near-rush hour traffic at an early hour. Would I ever be allowed to sleep in?

Sleeping In?

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Thursday showed up on time. I passed the early hours in dreamland. 6:10 a.m., 30 minutes later than the 5:40 I woke when working. Finally, sleeping in! After feeding the dogs who are accustomed to eating at 6:00 a.m., I crawled back under the blankets for a short nap. Retirement is great.

We went bowling Friday night. Several people queried how I enjoy being retired. My stock answer was, “It has been like a vacation. I expect in a couple of weeks I will feel more like retired.” I have taken vacations longer than a week which had days as busy as this week.

My view of retirement is days in the row devoted to writing, reading, listening to music, or watching movies without feeling guilt. Those days are not far off, I hope!

Have you had weeks as busy as this one? Are your vacations just workdays away from the office? If retired, are you enjoying it? Tell me in comments.

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