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Retirement Party

My wife hosted a retirement party on Saturday to fix my retirement in my mind and those of my friends. My wife suggested the party a few weeks after I announced my retirement date to my boss and family in … Continue reading

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A Writing Milestone

Every week is becoming a writing milestone week in my writing career. Those who are unaware, I began my first novel less than three years ago. Since then, I completed two drafts with the first over 100k words. The second … Continue reading

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My First Microstory

I finished a microstory today. It is my first and proved to be a greater challenge than the short-short story I recently blogged.   What is microstory? YourDictionary defines it as  “an extremely short story.” Mythcreants defines it this way. … Continue reading

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Sleeping in, Not!

Week One The first week of retirement was interesting and not what I expected. My friends told me I could sleep-in mornings once retired. Little likely I learned. My wife is the secretary to a Monday morning bowling league. Often, she … Continue reading

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