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This past week was a tough week for my wife and me.  On 1 December, my wife’s Aunt Barbara passed away. She 86 years old. Two days previous, 29 November, my Aunt Jeanette passed. She was 81 years young. The ladies were exceptional women who left us with many wonderful memories.


Many writers greet the first day of December with a sigh of relief.  They have won or lost (or not participated) in NaNoWriMo. Win or lose, the relief of knowing there is no guilt in not writing for a day.

Pipeline Columbus Fall Classic

Pipeline 2008 Boys Red

The boys had two weeks off after the Columbus Day tournament. Last Monday was their first training event since. The plan for the fall season is to concentrate on technical topics. The training held in a school gym and the games played in an indoor arena. The differences may account for the team’s poor performance today as they lost by several goals.


I have a work written during last year’s NaNoWriMo. It is still work-in-progress. A year seems long enough to bring it to near complete, but that is not the situation. “Too many irons in the fire” is the appropriate cliché.

Recently, I accepted time is a premium as I move toward retirement in January. I am frustrated with the lack of progress, so I have committed to editing/revising at least one full page each day. I can hear the gasps at such trivial progress this means. Yet, it will be measurable progress.

Thank you

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The past year has seen you visit and many left comments. Thank you to each, and I hope you will continue to drop by. Comments are always appreciated, but they are optional. Visit.

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