PIPELINE 2008 Boys Red vs FSC


Saturday’s game was Pipeline 2008 Boys Red against the Frederick Soccer Club (FSC). The game played on the FSC field.

The weather cooperated today. The rain lasted through the drive to the game but passed before everyone arrived. Though not suffering rain, the boys did contend with the slick playing surface.

The hard play from the previous weekend tournament continued through the week at practices. The training scrimmages emphasized players moving to space and demanding the ball when open. A by-product was the ball handler recognizing team mate’s movements and making good passes. Success was the receiving player slamming a goal into one of the training nets. At the end of the night, both scrimmage teams had numerous scores. Good training sessions.

Pipeline vs FSC-2

Pipeline vs FSC

Pipeline 2008 Boys Red brought the week’s lessons to the game. Communications and ball distribution were good as in the latest league games and matched recent tournament games. The aggressive nature of their play kept FSC off their game, keeping FSC in their end of the pitch most of the game. The final score: 7-0. The shutout reflects the fine play of the team’s goalkeepers.

Pipeline 2008 Boys Red are now 4-1 in CMSSL. The loss came in the first game of the season. Wish them the best in the remaining three games.





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