Soccer weekend with Pipeline


Pipeline Soccer Club had a full schedule of games this weekend.

Two games were of particular interest to me. The first involved Autumn, my granddaughter. The second had my team playing. My granddaughter, Elizabeth would have had a game but she went on vacation Sunday morning with her family.

Pipeline 2010 Girls Black

Autumn’s team, Pipeline 2010 Girls Black, played Bethesda Soccer Club. I missed the game so I have third-hand details. I understand Bethesda took a 3-0 lead before the Pipeline girls began a comeback. The offense found the goal and the defense stepped up to give Pipeline a 6-4 victory.

Last week, Pipeline 2008 Boys Red played in the drenching rain. Drenching the boys and turf. The mess made it difficult on players, coaches, and parents.

This week, the team played in nearly ideal conditions. The temperature was mild with the sun playing peek-a-boo through the clouds. The ground dry but rough in some places, especially in front of the goal. This challenged the boys in striking shots on goal.

Pipeline 2008 Boys Red

The game was against BUSA Rangers. Pipeline played the best game of this fall season but came up short, 1-3. The takeaway from the game is that the team improved several aspects of their play. The positional play was much improved from last weeks aborted tournament. Communication between players improved also. Good signs that the rest of the season will find Pipeline 2008 Boys Red with some solid wins.

Congratulations to the 2010 Girls Black for their victory. I look forward to reporting wins for both teams next week.







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