Pipeline at Scrimmage Fest 2017


The 2017 Scrimmage Fest was held 12 August. Multiple Pipeline Soccer Club girls’ soccer teams competed. The scrimmage fest provided the opportunity for a team to play against four other teams. Each game was 30 minutes. Two of my granddaughters were on teams.

Autumn played for the Pipeline 2010 girls’ black team in four scrimmage games. She had some experience as a goalkeeper from the year she played futsal. This was her first exposure to competitive club soccer and the coach started her as the goalkeeper in the first game. This being scrimmage, the coach rotated her to different positions and allowed other teammates to experience what it was like to play goalkeeper. The team won two and lost two games. This was a great learning experience for a team of 7-year-old girls.


Elizabeth also played four games as a guest player on the Pipeline 2006 girls red team. She and several of her black team playmates augmented the red team for the scrimmage fest. This complicated and hindered their success since the girls from each team had not trained or played together. These four games ended up as an opportunity for having feet on ball.

scrimmage fest

The scrimmage fest allowed both girls to compete against quality competition in their age groups. It was an opportunity without the pressure of league or tournament where wins have importance. Every team should consider playing in a similar event.

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