Pipeline Soccer Club Spring Tryouts

pipeline 2008 gold
Pipeline 2008 Gold

It is the time of year when Pipeline Soccer Club (PSC) conducts its tryouts. Over the next two weeks, players will compete for places on teams that will play this fall. I have several interests in this year’s tryouts.

Many of the boys I help coach, Pipeline 2008 Gold, will attend tryouts the week after next. They will demonstrate their skills in front of several coaches. The coaches are looking for players to fill vacancies on their teams. In the days following tryouts, offers will be given to boys who met a coach’s expectations. Some of the boys may not receive an offer. There are often more boys trying out than openings on teams.


Three of my grandchildren will try out. Elizabeth plays for Pipeline 2007 Red girls’ team. She plays half of most games as the goalkeeper and most of the other half on the pitch as a wing or forward, though she has played defender. She excels at every position. *This is an unbiased grandfather’s evaluation.* She plays better when challenged.

soccer ball

Bradley plays for the Pipeline 2008 Gold team. He plays goalkeeper and field in each game. He has potential that needs the right coach. That has been an issue this year, he has played on two different teams and had three different coaches. Stability in training methods and clear expectations are something he needs to improve. I look forward to seeing Bradley training under a coach who desires to bring out the best in his players. That coach will be pleasantly surprised.

Autumn does not play for Pipeline. She has played recreational soccer one year and futsal one year. She is a 2010 and attending her first tryout. Autumn has played goalkeeper *what is there about my grandchildren and goalkeeper*. Her ball handling skills need improvement. But then most seven-year-olds do. She follows directions well and any coach will find her a pleasure to train.

As an assistant coach, I have no say in who receives offers or to what level team. I know the capabilities of the boys I train and have watched Elizabeth and Bradley in enough games to know theirs. I look forward to learning whether the coaches view of them match mine.




    • Dwane


      Thank you for your well wishes. We are anxiously waiting to hear what her offer for this year will be. I am not sure what she really wants but we also hope she gets it.

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