St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day celebration at work was one day early–today. A wonderful lady in our organization had returned from an extended trip. She suggested celebrating her return with a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast. She volunteered to shepherd the affair. Her idea of a celebration included bacon (regular color) and many selections in the traditional green. There were green pancakes, green French toast scramble, green crumb cake, green eggs, and green cookies. One of our coworkers turned the ham slices green. Green-colored orange juice sated thirst after partaking of the entrees. Everyone had a fun time and I doubt the event will fade from memory soon.

st. patrick's day

My wife is secretary for two bowling leagues. Last weekend she made 150 cupcakes marking the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day for her Monday league.  She used three designs on the cupcakes. One was a leprechaun’s face, two versions with rainbow and pot-of-gold at its end. They were a hit as testified by only eight to bring home. Tonight she is finishing up 28 for me to take to work and 60 or so for her Friday league. I haven’t told her there may not be enough for the other league bowlers. I will be there to bowl and will claim a good share for me. *Her cupcakes are really great as are her cakes. They are kid and grandkid approved.*


She will celebrate the day with a corned beef and cabbage luncheon. I am not fond of corned beef so I will luncheon on her cupcakes. I may even make cupcakes dinner. Splurge while they are there. Dieting comes later to get rid of the calories gained on St. Patrick’s Day.

How will you celebrate the day? Will you wear green? Let me know using the comment form.



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