Pipeline Soccer Boys 2008 Gold

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I was blessed to be the assistant coach for the Pipeline Soccer Club (http://www.pipelinesoccerclub.com/) Boys 2008 Gold team. It has been a pleasure to have coached this team of fine young men.

Labor Day Tournament

The team began practice in August to prepare for the Labor Day tournament.  We played three games and lost each by several goals. The boys played hard, but we were a new team of boys who had met their coaches and each other ten training days before. Performance at the Labor Day tournament showed how rough we were as a team. We lost all games with a goal differential of 33.  10 scored by us across three games against 43 by our opponents.

League Play and Training

The boys showed amazing resilience. Everyone was at the next practice eager to train. The weekend losses were past, and they looked forward to the first league game. Coach Brad adjusted training to address the shortcomings pointed out by the tournament. Two sessions later the team won its first league game 4-3 on a very hot day.

We won two of the next three league games. Team training focused on playing positions and maintaining ‘shape’. We played 7v7. The boys learned positions and the role of each. They learned 4 and 5 back, 7 and 11 wide(!), 6 floating up and back, and 9 attack, 1 in the goal. Coach Brad explained if they kept their shape as they attacked and defended, we would have success. Some of each session focused on reinforcing ‘shape’.

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Columbus Day Tournament

We went into the Columbus Day tournament with a record of 2 wins and 4 losses for all games to date.  The boys won both games on Saturday placing us in the finals. We played the Sunday morning game to a tie and lost the finals 2-4 to the Sacred Heart/Glyndon team. Despite the loss, the team showed great progress. The boy’s work ethic and never give up spirit made coaches and parents proud. Second place trophy each received soothed any disappointment the boys might have felt.

The boys continued to show the spirit of winners. They paid attention at practice and worked hard during the games. By the time it came for the end of season tournament, they placed second in their league and put up a 6-7-1 season record for games played.

What parents and coaches were thinking

Brandywine Tournament – End of Fall Season

The Brandywine tournament was the last event of the fall season and was played 19-20 November 2016.  The team played hard and won the two games on Saturday placing them in the finals. There was still a third game to be played on Sunday. They played Saturday’s games in 60 degrees and calm weather.

The Grinch came on Saturday night. He brought 40 degree cold and 40 mph winds gusting to 50 or more. The first game was miserable, and we lost. I couldn’t believe the weather worsened for the second and we lost 1-4.  The boys took both losses with good grace, congratulating and cheering for Delaware Rush when they received the winner’s trophy. They accepted the finalist medals with as much excitement as if they won the tournament.

Brad asked me to assist him in coaching this team and I accepted. I never played but my son had years ago. My wife and I have been seen uncounted games involving my grandchildren. Watching differs from coaching. As the assistant, I supported Brad in set up, tear down and running exercises he set up. It was rewarding seeing the boys execute skills during games that I helped teach. More so was the times that one of them came up and I heard, Coach Dwane would you [open this, tie my shoe, or help me].

Thank you Boys

Thank you Coach Brad for offering the experience and Pipeline Soccer Club Boys 2008 Gold for creating memories during this fall season.  The team members in no specific order: Alex, Tucker, Max, Brian, Shivank, Tekesta, Colin, Myles, Gavin, Carson and Ben.

Those who remain for the winter season will be training in preparation for winning the first tournament in the spring! Go Pipeline Boys 2008 Gold!




  1. Tiffany

    Coach Brad can’t believe you didn’t mention the tree branch that fell down during the final game!

    Thanks for being such a supportive assistant coach and head grandpa!

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