This is my first day of NaNoWrMo. I finished 2032 words of a new novel. The challenge is to continue at this pace for the next 25 to 29 days. I started writing and found myself comfortable to go beyond my goal of 1700 words.

Today was easy by my standards because I used The Story Toolkit written by Susan Bischoff to create an outline. Kait Nolan recommended it in her blog  I bought it and the workbook. This gave me access to the pdf version of the workbook. I downloaded and printed a copy.

I haven’t filled in all 65 pages I printed but enough to know the plot points, the pinch points, the climax and denouement. I may not create a scenes list or the cast of characters pages since I am writing the book as the challenge.

I recommend The Story Toolkit for anyone thinking of writing a novel.

Are you active in NaNoWrmo? Let me know you are progressing by leaving a comment.





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7 Responses to NaNoWrmo

  1. I don’t have it in me for the challenge this year, but I’ll check out the book recommendation. Thanks and good luck. Great start!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    So glad the kit worked for you!

    • Dwane says:

      Me also. Only 4500 words in and feel I understand where the story needs to go. Strange feeling. Hope I continue to have it.

  3. I’m using a book and workbook written by Donald Maass, called “Writing the Breakout Novel.” No shame in getting help, I think. And boy do I need it. It was recommended by Jonathan Maberry during last year’s NaNoWriMo, during an interview (it is still on the NaNo web-site if your interested). Keep up the good work Dwane!

    • Dwane says:

      I will check it out. I use Susan’s this time at recommendation of Kait Nolan. Also read and follow K.M. Weiland blog and her books on outlining and story structure. Good material all over. A bit too much to keep track of. I also follow Kristen. There are others like Marcy Kennedy and, heck, I forget how many books on writing I have on my Kindle.
      Later. Keep writing!!

  4. See you at the next sprint!

    • Dwane says:

      I have commitments most evenings except Wednesday which I devote time around 7:30 est to Earnie’s sprint pals. But I do drop in now and then on weekends.

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